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3D Automatic Transmission


  • Increased operating capacity of torque
  • Improved performance and clutch resistance
  • Increased friction surface
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • OEM repair kits
  • Improved hardware (heavy duty)
  • Embedded hydraulic valves
  • Fully finished and ready to be mounted
  • Service reconstruction standardized by the manufacturers

Eurotransmissão has a large stock of components for the reconstruction and assistance of various automatic gearbox ranges, from the classics to the latest models. In reconstruction or service, follows a rigorous testing process, using for that, control equipment. In the products that we intervened, we applied new components of original repair manufacturers (OEM), of which we are also representatives.

We have awide stock of automatic gearboxes, all include torque converter and hydraulic valve block. We also have transfer boxes. The services performed in our reconstructed products follow all the rules of their manufacturers.

At our facilities we have an autoshop dedicated only for automatic vehicles, where we highlight the area of 900m2 and service capacity with 7 lifts.

Carrying out a check-up at our facilities is free. The benefits of this service may represent an advantage in terms of cost / service.

With the constant market changes with respect to auto technology, Eurotransmissão has made available to its customers the software update service and control units programming.

Eurotransmissão has a range of components of the best brands for reconstruction or assistance of the various automatic gearbox ranges. Large stock of torque converters, valve groups, repair kits, filters, friction discs kits, oils.

We have a technical office for monitoring from which our clients can request manuals, technical documentation and all necessary information for maintenance / repair.

In order to bring all our customers together, we formed partnerships with several transport companies to the mainland and islands. Depending on the mainland area we have bi-daily shuttle service, and the next day for the pickup or delivery of your automatic transmission. To the islands we provide express service (plane) and normal (sea freight).

EUROTRANSMISSÃO | Direct contact for sale of parts

+351 253 283 281

Torque Converters

Electronic board

Transfers boxes


  • Maintenance and reconstruction at the best price
  • Expert assistance in the best brands
  • Rebuilt gearboxes in stock
  • Technical support and diagnostics
  • Free check-up
  • Free delivery

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